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5 Low Maintenance Plants to Increase Your Office Green

Did you know in addition to adding life to your office, plants have also been shown to elevate mood and neutralize mindset? Adding live plants to common areas and in your employees’ workspaces is a great way to increase aesthetic and wellbeing, in addition to serving as a natural filtration system for recycled indoor air!

Let’s take a look at some practical, low-hassle options and their meanings:


Succulents are some of the simplest plants to care for, and come in so many colorful and unique varieties. They require very little water, and prefer bright, indirect sunlight. Aloe, a notable variety, has the added benefit of being a skin soother – usable on minor cuts, dry skin and sunburn! The Egyptians knew it as the “plant of immortality”, and who doesn’t need all the help they can get during a chaotic workday?


Jade plants have thick, deep green leaves which add to it popularity of being a lush, hearty plant. They require a lot of sunlight, but be mindful when watering them. Under-watering will cause the leaves to fall off, and overwatering will cause the plant to rot. Much like the other plants mentioned on our list, allow the soil to completely dry out before watering again. The Jade plant symbolizes prosperity, an appropriate energy for any workplace.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are known for their striking white flowers and their ease of care. They prefer warm, humid climates, but can thrive indoors as long as they are subjected to drafts or prolonged low temperatures. They are the only flowering plant on our list, and are a wonderful low-maintenance choice. Its scientific name, Spathiphyllum, comes from the Latin meaning, “peace and prosperity”, great ideals to channel at work.


Pothos is a hearty, trailing houseplant with green shiny leaves. They thrive in all light conditions, including artificial indoor lighting. This plant proliferates quickly, and its trailing stems can reach upwards of 10 feet long! Be mindful, that while it is one of the easiest plants to grow, keeping them pruned is the best option if keeping one at your desk. The cuttings can also be replanted to grow new plants. Pothos is known as the “money plant”, a clear choice for any workspace.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo actually isn’t bamboo at all! It got its moniker because its stalks resemble bamboo, but it is actually a dracaena. This plant is easy to grow, because no soil is needed! While it can be planted in soil, it also does just fine in water. It prefers bright light, but avoid direct sun to avoid burning. Lucky bamboo is significant in Chinese culture, signifying love, happiness, wealth, good luck, blessings, growth, and good health. Not only is it a breeze to upkeep, it brings these powerful positive energies into your workplace!


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