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5 Secret Mindsets of Rockstar Employers

Many savvy employers recognize the benefit of having unique and amazing company perks, but what does it really say to your employees about your company?

1. We understand you.

Anyone can offer free donuts in the breakroom on Fridays, but what is that saying about your company? Much like the nutritionally-devoid, cheap, ultimately unsatisfying breakfast treat, it is saying that your employees aren’t worth much. When you offer perks such as weekly chair massage, you are showing those who work for you that you understand what they need. Working at a desk for 8 hours is challenging, and you understand that. Encouraging them to get up and take care of themselves for 15 minutes shows that you’re cognizant of their reality.

2. We value you.

Feeling replaceable and undervalued sucks. Period. By investing in your employees, you are showing them that you value the energy and creativity they give you. Something as simple as 15 minutes for them to sit and forget about work while feeling better, truly is an acknowledgement of the value they bring to your business.

3. We want you to continue to work for us.

Have you ever worked somewhere and wondered, “why am I even here?!” Most of us have felt that way at one point or another, so would you want your employees feeling that way about your company? Chances are that your answer is “NO!” Having expanded offerings to your already amazing benefits package is an astute way of letting your employees know that you’re glad they’re here and you want them to stay.

4. We know that everyone wins when we foster your productivity.

How many times have your worked for someone whose only focus is the bottom line? Chances are it led to frustration and a feeling of apathy. Employers who keep their eye on the bigger picture get bigger returns. If you foster your employees’ productivity by encouraging time for rest, personal interests and overall well-being, they will be far more prepared to be creative, more productive and focused on their work roles while on the clock. Chair massage is a simple, cost-effective way to allow for rest during the workday, while still fostering a bump to your bottom line.

5. We know you are our best recruiters.

Have you ever avoided a business because of a negative review? Or, better yet, have you found the most amazing product or service and told everyone? Most people trust their friends’ recommendations from anything such as a great dentist to the best pet sitter. As an employer, it is clear to see how your company can benefit from your employees’ word of mouth. Spoiling your employees with exceptional benefit offerings will result in bragging rights amongst their friends, in turn creating a buzz of interest for desirable employment. You will have potential candidates seeking out your company, who are excited and driven to work for you. Now that’s a win-win.

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